Latest News & Updates
Newly Added Project! (12/2012)
Check out my newly added interface project: ObsITI
Finally back in the office at Koleksiyon! (06/2012)
I completed my military duty and got back in the office at Koleksiyon after 6 months of amazing life experiences in Samsun. I'll keep you posted on my blog soon! ;)
Something bold is brewing here... (05/2011)
Looking for fresh ideas? Check out my talented cousin's website here ;) then.
Hamilton-Medical introduces Hamilton S1 (12/2010)
Check HAMILTON-S1 with INTELLiVENT-ASV, world’s first fully automatic application for intensive care ventilation, whose GUI I had worked on at Continuum Milan, here.
I think, designing his own website is one of the most challenging tasks that a designer would encounter. Maybe this is the reason why I kept on postponing this unavoidable action since a while. Eventually, the time has come and I have run this effort to share my thoughts, works, observations and words.

This effort is to enlighten major aspects beyond my thinking and experience. The question is, does it completely reflect my real excitement and potential? Most probably not, but this was certainly a necessary start that would also ring some bells in other parts of the world. Thus, this website is also to reach the world of diversity where different brains look for opportunities to discuss their experiences with others.

No, thinking is just half way of existing. Act to complete!

Koray Ozsoy