Roomba IT
The social and environmental factors in human-service robot interaction: An ethnographic study on the Roomba vacuum cleaner in the domestic environment in Italy

I conducted this research as the graduation project within the context of Master of Science program at Istanbul Technical University.

The main objective of this study was to contribute to Human-Service Robot Interaction (HSRI) literature by exploring the counter-effects of these named technologies within the domestic environment. It particularly studied the interaction between iRobot Roomba, an existing robotic vacuum cleaner, and the domestic environment in Italy.

The activities were launched in mid January and continued till the end of May 2010.

Koray Ozsoy
Design Researcher
MSc Thesis
Milan-Istanbul, May 2010

Introduction: The main context and scope of my research.

Get familiar with iRobot Roomba.

Main questions of my research.

Planning matters.

Announcements and the survey.

Snapshot from survey analysis.

Interview protocol.

Snapshots from interview data collection.

In the middle of my Post-IT session.