A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Concept developed for Philips. It is chosen as the 1st prize winner by Philips Design Department.

Myth is a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (RVC) targeting at tech-innovators. It has computer and mobile phone connection providing remote controlling feature. Myth’s GUI is also customizable that allows users to create their own RVC experience.

Product Design:
Koray Ozsoy

Research Team:
Koray Ozsoy, Bram Grinten, Ernst van der Wal, Guido Kuip

Delft University of Technology in collaboration with Philips Design
Delft- The Netherlands, January 2008

Introduction Movie of Myth on Vimeo.

Introduction: Myth is a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Starting point 1/2.

Starting point 2/2.

Snapshot from research phase.


Field research.

Verbal mind mapping.

Early sketches to define opportunities.

Early sketches to study technical aspects.

C is picked among other different directions.

Further development.

Interaction scenario.

User Test & Feedback 1/2.

User Test & Feedback 2/2.

Exploded perspective.