Design and development of the offical website of Observational Immune Tolerance Induction research program.

The ObsITI website is aimed to describe and promote the Observational Immune Tolerance Induction research program.

As one of the sponsors of the study, Octapharma AG, a Swiss based company, asked Continuum to help develop this topic specific web site: www.obsiti.com (01/2013).

Koray Ozsoy
Project Manager / Designer
Design Continuum
Milan/Italy, May 2010

Introduction: The main context and scope of the project.

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Snapshots from the content organization and sitemap.

Snapshots of first concept proposals that are mainly fed by study brochure.

Overview of 1st Proposals helped the team understand clients real intention.

Selected direction is further developed for client’s final evaluation.

The implementation and deployment of the new website is completed within 3 weeks.