A city furniture with 'Tulip' concept

The pergoLALE is a city furniture as one of the 12 special works exhibited around the city of Istanbul within the context of the 3rd International Istanbul Tulip Festival.

pergoLALE was placed at Taksim Square, the center of the city where the daily average of visitors is around one million.

In spite of the limited budget, the design team challenged itself to create a tangible object that the public could highly interact with. The team saw a good opportunity that people at Taksim Square were missing an area to sit and relax. As a result, pergoLALE fulfilled this common need with a great success and public interest.

Design: Ayhan Ensici, Koray Ozsoy
Hokka Design Studio
Istanbul/ Turkey, April 2008

Introduction: A city furniture with 'Tulip' concept.

Reinterpreting tulip: illustrate/simplify it to reach an object.

First CAD Renderings.


Final result and feedback.