I am a UX designer from Istanbul, a city where many cultures, even continents come together. As a consequence of a childhood fed by such a vast diversity of cultures, I had an early chance to witness the importance and great potential of storytelling to enhance our way of living. Thus, I matured my current human centered approach where end users are considered not only as targets, but also as proactive participants in development activities.

Today, I am strongly committed to cumulative knowledge grown by unique stories that should be conceived as the initial step towards achieving tangible and meaningful results to perform and create better living experiences.

Koray started as an intern at Continuum, and thanks to his professionalism and enthusiasm he was later hired as a designer. Koray was always a pleasure to work with. He is a good thinker and researcher, well-organized, calm under pressure, and of great character which contributed to creating a successful team dynamic.

Marco Cimatti
Senior Manager, Product Design / Pepsico
* I worked with Marco at Design Continuum in 2011.

Koray is a good team-player, hardworking and loyal to his company. It is an absolute pleasure to work with such a motivated and enthusiastic individual. Design thinking, customer orientation, continuous improvement and learning are some of his great assets. He always promotes synergy through team work with business ethics and always aims for the highest quality of work.

Bülent Albayrak
Deputy General Manager / Dalgakıran Kompresör
* I worked with Bülent at Koleksiyon in 2010-2018.

Good editor, good observer and reporter, chooses the best quality way to reach results, (trustable for reaching goals with) high level of aesthetics especially on visual topics, a good energy to work with as its possible to see his dynamism directly.

Özlem Yalım
Head of Brand Strategy at TEPTA Lighting
* I worked with Özlem at Koleksiyon in 2008.

Koray Ozsoy is my colleaque at Designophy Design Publication. He has all requirements for various creative processes and projects. He is also capable of participating in hard working and collaborative work environments to give the needs of all with determination.

Ayhan Enşici
Assist. Prof. Dr., Department of Industrial Design, Director of MA in User Experience, Innovation Management Consultant
* I worked with Ayhan at Designophy in 2012.